Coil Spring Rate

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Welcome to the coil spring rate calculation page. This is really quite simple. All you need to do is change a value in any of the boxes in the upper section and the boxes in the lower section will automatically display the calculated values. The default values are from the front coil springs on a 1995 Impala SS.

Number of Active Coils:
Wire Diameter: inches millimeters
Outside Diameter of Spring: inches millimeters
Free Length: inches millimeters
Compressed Length: inches millimeters
Spring Rate: pounds/inch newtons/meter
Pressure at compressed length: pounds newtons


spring rate =
modulus of spring steel X wire diameter4
8 X number of active coils X mean coil diameter3

modulus of spring steel = 11,250,000 pounds/inch2 = 78,500 newtons/millimeter2